Vintage Vices

A few years ago, my friend Jessica Sims and I had a two-person exhibition titled, Vintage Vices, at Artspace in Richmond, Virginia.

It was a great collaboration since we approach painting differently (she is an abstract painter). We decided to use vintage print advertising as our inspiration-me for imagery/composition and her for palette/composition.

I have never posted a gallery of the work, so here are some of the works I created for that show, plus a few additional ones that were created after the show because they are just so much fun to make.

Check out the Tate's collection of Turner's sketchbooks

The Tate Museum as digitized all the pages from a series of Turner's Sketchbooks. You can view them chronologically here:

In case you are not familiar with Turner, he was an English painter and printmaker. Here are a couple of my favorite of his paintings.
J.M.W. Turner, Rain, Steam and Speed-The Great Western Railroad (1844)
J.M.W. Turner, The Slave Ship (1840)