Disney's House of the Future

As frequent readers know,  I am a sucker for Disney theme parks. One of my favorite things was Dsiney's Monsanto House of the Future. It was an attraction at Disneyland from 1957 until it was torn down in 1967. It was meant to be a conceptualized home of the future from the year 1986.  

The structure was made of plastic and almost entirely synthetic. The house saw over 435,000 visitors within the first six weeks of opening, and ultimately saw over 20 million visitors before being closed(Wikipedia). According to myth, the house could not be demolished by the wrecking ball so it ultimately had to be cut up into pieces in order to be dismantled.
The Monsanto chemical company had to renovate in 1960 because many of the original furnishings and gadgets were already commonplace (link to article).

Blog post with souvenir publicity brochure (link to Gorillas Don't Blog).