An Adventure in Art

Walt Disney begins with quotes from Robert Henri's The Art of Spirit and then explains the importance of an artist's individual style, but also how each member of the team must set aside his personal vision to match the style of the studio production.

The video also shows the processes and products of four Disney artists painting from the same live oak tree. (Marc Davis, Eyvind Earle, Walter Peregoy, and Joshua Meador)

All things old are new again...Thundercats

I love model sheets, as those of you that have taken my Illustration courses may already know. They are such a good example of creating a believable and reproducible character by asking yourself what they look like from all sides and how they move and how their faces move.
I just found out that Cartoon Network is relaunching an 80s favorite, the ThunderCats. Here is a sample of the model sheets:

Here are some additional links to collections of model sheets: