Digital download Resources for painters

There are lots of books are available through Google Books (some images may be missing but all the text is there). For example: 
Master Class in Figure Drawing by Robert Beverly Hale. 

I also suggest exploring Project Gutenberg, an online catalog of free titles that can be sorted by subject, 
title or author. Most titles can be downloaded as a variety of file types.
The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed.
(Image From Art News Blog)
Line and Form by Walter Crane.
Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky.

Internet Archive
The Science of Painting, Jehan-Georges Vibert
"The Painter in Oil", by Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst, 1898.
"Aims and Ideals of Art" by George Clausen.

And if you want even more resources, check out Squidoo 
Here is a list complied by Making A Mark

Podcasts (Free)
MoMA has a large podcast library about their collection and exhibits. 
National Portrait Gallery in Washington has a podcast listing.