Featured Artist: Marcia Jones

*Marcia Jones is a contemporary artist currently working in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work encompasses photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. Marcia and I met during graduate school and I have continued to admire her work and dedication.

Touch 3
1. Who some of the artists that influence you? 
Hands down Women: Frida Khalo, and Nan Goldin, Men: Matthew Barney, Pepon Osorio, then...Louise Bourgeois. and even Richard Serra sometimes.. but my influences change depending on what I'm producing ...what influences me is very transient. I have Influences for each body of work From Judy Chigao,Georgia O'keefe , Betty Saar, Renee Stout, Lorna Simpson, Kara Walker, and Radcliffe Bailey. But I'm kinda over being influenced by Black Art right now. They're kinda stuck... Is it wrong for me to say LOL!!

2. What is your least favorite part of the art making process? 
The Anticipation and Expectation

3. What is your chosen media? 
Any special things that you can’t live without? (favorite type of paintbrush, tool or surface) I like to shape shift...I need whatever the muse demands the muse being the universe  right ....now its photographs and narrative. I always need the narrative. I have to be tactile even when I produced Resolved its a layered process. I only used photoshop to add the text. Production was a 4 step process and I used my hands for 3 of them.

4. What book(s) are you reading right now? 
Half the Sky, An Alchemy of Mind, The Lotus Sutra, and On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime Books keep me grounded. I don't daydream like I do with movies. I'm way more into critical Analysis when I read. Its the Professor Vs. the Artist in me...

If You Love Her
5. What is you favorite movie(s)? 
Vicki Christina Barcelona!! I'm Not There, Adaptation, Avatar, Basquiat, I could go on.... I love movies... I lust for moving pics I'm an empath.

6. If you were given the money to make a dream project, what would it be and where would it be located? 
I've written this grant soo many times and I swear if it takes the life of me it will get done!! A collaborative theatre performance piece united across genres narrated of course!

7. While you are working, do you prefer to listen to music, podcasts, movies, or silence? Who do you listen to or what do you watch?
I listen to my music old school style... cassette tapes and cd's...  The music is the sound track to the movie/episode in my life I'm  articulating and conveying in the work. Like when I was doing my thesis work I listened to alot of traditional Cuban and African Bata drumming also a lot of Zap Mama and Ali Farka Toure,  for my last body of work RESOLVED  I listened to bands like R.I.S.E formally Rising Appalachia), Carolina Chocolate drops, Joi, T.I (paper trail) JayZ (American Gangsta),  and Classic  and Taiko drumming. When I created the I am S/he works and Spirit Images I listened to alot of Portishead, Fiona Apple, Ani Di Franco, and Tori Amos. Today I'm listing to Earl Greyhound, and TV on the Radio  and because I have a 13 yr old daughter I listen to alot of Lady GaGa who I really love and support! My daughter has great taste Aesthetically GaGa soo gets it!!

8. Any upcoming events you want to promote? 
I'm waiting to hear back from a couple of shows during Womens History month. I'll keep my blog and FB page updated also check the web site. www.marciajonesart.com and the facebook iswww.facebook.com/untitled1972  if you friends request me mention Professor JB so i know where you came from. :) and my blog is http://untitled1972-truthbetold.blogspot.com/

Just A Girl
Marcia Jones
Visual Artist
Professor of Art,Clark Atlanta University