Process Post-I Wanna Be Like The Other Ones. Part 2

The next step was to directly sketch onto the toned canvas. Notice it took a couple of tries to get the placement and proportion how I wanted. I sketch with a thinned out earth tone. If I do not like the sketch I can just rub it out with my rag and little Mineral Spirits.
After the initial sketching, I block in the value. I try and concentrate on starting with a light side/shadow side approach. this keeps it simple so I do not get distracted by local color and detail shapes too early. I needed to have something in negative space, so i used a warm earth tone that was on the burnt sienna side. The process on these paintings is pretty intuitive so I wanted to have something neutral to work from.

I have become really interested in using pattern as a design element and I thoguht that was the direction of this painting, but after experimenting with it, I decided that it was too distracting.

The idea for this painting was about wanting what you can't have and what you are willing to endure to try and get it. Initially, the green plastic egg was meant to represent this idea but as I spent time looking at the painting I realized that what this bunny-bot wanted more than anything was to belong and to look like the ideal bunny given to use by popular culture. This realization lead me to paint out the egg all together and replace it twith the objects of desire.