Process Post-I Wanna Be Like The Other Ones. Part 1

I recently finished a 22 x 28" painting titled, I Wanna Be Like The Other Ones.  I took some "in-progress" images while I was working on it that I thought would be nice to share in order to talk about my process for the newer montage work.

I began by toning my gessoed canvas with red acrylic. I like to do this for two reasons:
1. If gives a nice warm  undertone for the subsequent oil layers
2. It creates a strong contrast so that I am not having to work off a white surface.

Here is a shot of my pallette and work space.
A. I use a glass palette because it allows me to scrape (C. Glass Scraper) off excess  or old paint easily and maintain and ordered work space. If I am working with delicate color mixes, sometimes I put a piece of white paper under the glass.
B. I use Odorless Mineral Spirits to clean my brushes. I highly recommend a sealable brush washer.
I use a galkyd mixture for my medium. Notice that the two should be in separate containers, otherwise your medium gets contaminated. There are lots of meduims out there and countless mixtures that will work, but over tiime I hae found that this one works for me. Mediums are used as vehicles for the paint. It makes them easier to handle, show texture and maintain luminosity.
D. I chose to start with a limited palette of colors because I wanted to focus on the central figure first and foremost. Again, there are lots of paint brands out there, I have found that my preferences are color specific. I love the Permalba white because it makes mixing easy and maintain a soft butter consistency. Experiment to find your preferences.

Here is a quick shot of my central figure. If you are familiar with my work, you may have noticed my use of a pink bunny graphic. This was something I developed in grad school as a type of signature. I often think of the anonymous pink bunny head as a type of self-portrait. In this painting I thought it would be interesting to make a more literal translation of the pink bunny. I found this great wind-up toy that suited my needs beautifully.