Process Post 1: Dissolution of a Fairy Tale

As you may have noticed, I have been exploring mixed
media. This came as a result of my constant need to "improve upon" previous work.
I am never fully satisfied.
It started with drawings that were strong technically, but did not push the content enough for me.
As an example, I had my friends Christina and Meredith pose for a charcoal drawing on bristol board. Initially it was about the dynamics of the butch/femme relationship.
Then, as I was working, it became more about the dynamics of any romantic relationship.
Fast forward to the controversy of Proposition 8 in California. As with most of my community, I was following its development closely. And I was sorely disappointed when it passed. I felt deflated, like certain fairy tales were valid while others were not valid. This prompted me to pull out that drawing and use it as a vehicle for my frustration.
I had never really worked with gouache before but I wanted to add flat color and needed something that would be opaque enough to cover the compressed charcoal.
I have always been strangely attracted to the Disney aesthetic so, immediately, I knew I wanted to surround my couple with "Disney" forest creatures-these innocent, brightly colored moments of imagination. They function as as non-judgmental creatures offering support regardless of political and social opinion.

And that is how it happened.

Just for fun I am including Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series (heavy-handed marketing images). LINK